Bloons TD 5 App Reviews

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Air stuff

This game is perfect you know because you read other reviews but the only thing I can think of to add on is more air defenses like the plane helicopter


Don’t waste money on this, it looks cool watching but when playing can get absolutely boring.

Good concept bad execution

This team can learn from the people working on Bloons battle. The developers gave up and find lag acceptable and the product team can’t recreate the ease of use bloons battle can create. With a technically more challenging product of bloons battle, this team just isn’t up to the task and the product suffered. Not with paying for - just use the free version.


Glen diedddddd


Mofuckaaaan great

Can’t play with friends

I bought this game intending to play with Facebook friends but when I invite them they cannot connect. A little disappointed...


I’ve played this game before a long time ago when I had it on my Kindle fire and I loved it. I got it again and I still love it because it’s calm in the earlier levels but after a while it goes crazy and it forces you to get better towers and/or to upgrade the ones you already have. It also makes you plan your strategy and cover up your exits. It’s a great game and I would recommend it!

Daily Rewards

Not getting daily rewards, every time I open app I have 3 hours left until next day for several days in a row. Stuck on day 1.


Me and my friends really enjoy this game. 5/5

Love this game!

Well worth the $3...very fun, very addictive!!

Gets boring

It so fun for a few days but after a while it gets boring

The best Bloons game yet

I got passed round 110 and my phone still didn’t break



Good but

I have been playing for a year or 2 and I transferred to my iPad to my iPhone 5s and I downloaded the app and connected to everything to see that all my progress is lost! I got to leader boards and it said 2.5M balloons popped but then that present thing says to pop 250k balloons! I need help to get my old account back I don’t want to lose all my progress!


I love this game however I have one suggestion I wish there was a chat mode in co op so you can work together and not just do whatever you want with another person taking up one side of the board. I also think you should add a tank monkey! I hope you can add all of the things that the players want! I can’t wait for another update!

Unfair game mode

“Bloonvasion” is unfair because it doesn’t give you enough money at the start or at the end of the round without the double cash upgrade. I think it’s impossible.


Best game ever. Thank you


Great game thats make me remember the old days

Games a lot fun It keeps crashing

Just got the game a few days ago I have an iPhone 8 so I know it’s not the phone but the game keeps crashing pls fix this thanks

Fun game for reals nacho

This is a Great way to kill time for real

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