Bloons TD 5 App Reviews

915 add

I can’t feel my fingers...

Yo this game has me on the lean. I play this to pass time by and it does justice. Add ons make this game even better!

Good game

This is a great game but I recommend you make more towers because you havent made any in a while

iPhone X

Been playing your game for many years, an iPhone X update would be awesome!

Matt Eaton is thicc

I enjoy monkis


I love this game and battles too! Also if you guys aren’t making any new towers can you please? I have an idea, like a tower that shoots out pineapple bombs like the spike factory shoots out spikes not like the plane. I think that would be cool!

The best app of all time

This game is so fun that the 3 bucks you use to buy it seems like nothing. To anyone wondering if they should buy it, do it! You won’t regret it.

I’ve been coming back for years

Yup, probably 4-5 different times. That’s when you know you got a good game.


Playing for a long time but I want you to have more new towers so it wont be too simple,pleasssssssse! NEW TOWERS!

Fix Needed

I love the game, especially the monkey engineer but when you fully upgrade his specialty building and get super sentry, faster engineering doesn’t affect them. This nullifies any benefits they have, so please fix this!


Add some new towers like spear monkeys

Best game ever

I just got this game and I can’t put it down

Amazing Game!!

I have been playing Bloons tower defense 5 for a long time. I absolutely can’t get enough of it. The only downside is it needs an update for the newest iPhone series. Please update and optimize this game for the iPhone X. This game is five star worthy!!

Great game! Please update for iPhone X

The game is amazing but please update it for the iPhone X


Hi ninja kiwi, not sure if you guys will have time to read this or not but I recommend it because these are some pretty good ideas First, I think this one guys idea about a 5th upgrade for a tower was pretty genius. The fifth upgrade for every tower would combined both the upgrade paths but this would not come easily as it is op. You would have to buy at least 50 of these towers 25 which have are upgraded to the third upgrade or max on one upgrade path and vise versa. My second idea is a new game mode on here. What it is is one person would play the game and build up there defense while one person just sends bloons at them and the winner gets a certain amount of money Third, the co-op mode is fun but I would like an Easier alternative to playing with my friends because I don’t have Facebook or game center accounts so I can’t play with my friends. Maybe a battle code thing just like in btd battles? Up to U Fourth, in co-op I think I should be able to chat with my partner because some rounds get pretty boring and I would like to start a conversation with them or something. Fifth- I think the cobra should be added because even though most of its purposes are defeated in this game, you guys could make him useful in some way. Obviously his wired funds and his attrition ability’s are still useful but the other upgrade paths? Sixth- I think there should be a custom map maker where you could create your own maps to play on because that would just be beyond awesome. I also think that some maps from btd battles should be added Seventh- another gamemode idea, this one is a contest mode to see who get the farthest in a game, who has the most lives by the end of a certain round, how many Moab’s you can destroy with this much money. The events in the contest section are up to you. Well, these are all my ideas. I might do an edit later if I have any more but yeah. Hope these ideas are taken into consideration because it really would make the game better. Thanks ???????????????????

iPhone X support

The game is very enjoyable but hopefully the game gets iPhone X support.

Good but LAG

I play this game a LOT. I love it, and have spent many hours on it. I’m a big player, regularly landing in the top 1% on the leaderboard for weekly challenges and often surviving to round 350 on freeplay. Wonderful game! But it can take soooo long. It would already take a long time to get to such a round, but after round 150 or so everything starts to slow down soooo soooo much. Please, do something to lessen this. Give us quality settings or SOMETHING. One round will take 15 minutes. My phone will heat up, and the app will crash every 5-10 rounds. It’s terrible, absolutely terrible. Please make this a little better. Ugh.

iPhone X Compatibility Please!

I like the game on my old phone but with my new iPhone I really like to have the screen FILLED, even with the notch I find It more enjoyable than giant black bars leaving 30% of the screen unused. This would be awesome and i would raise my review.

Won’t work

Won’t let me play co-op


Just fun

WHY DOES CO-OP never work

Co-op only works half the time if that

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