Bloons TD 5 App Reviews

792 add

Ballon balled

20 rumpenmile avenue


Frickin balloon game


Amazing keep updates a coming


lol I got to round 135 already!I love it!



Perfect game

I like how the game play is designed


Playing for a long time but I want you to have more new towers so it wont be too simple,pleasssssssse!

Great Tower Defence

Cant say anything bad about it. Except that you can memorize the safe numbers and know when new ballon types come. Very fun though.


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this is a troll boi

New towers

I think that if maybe you guys added new towers then it would add a whole new adventure to this game. It doesnt just have to be new towers maybe you could add like animal balloons that have their own personality. This idea could make sandbox way more fun too! And maybe more people would play the game. I love this game yall mustve worked so hard please listen to my idea this would add something awesome to the game. Goodbye!

The best game ever

This is the best game ever because it is a great way to spend your time on a trip

Great Game

Fun simple and easy, just the way i like it, would like more multiplayer features or more monkeys, other than that its good

Bro I love this game pls make more updates.



Where’s sandbox mode?

Excellent !

Got to level 167 yesterday, game held up fine.. didnt even glitch! Great game, love co-op. Just wish there was messaging involved in it so I could let the player know my intentions with farming !

I want 1000 dollars

I want 1000 dollars

Great time passer and useful on an airplane

Great game for all ages


Lots of fun to play

Cures My Boredom!

I don’t have much to say, other than THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!


Bloons td5 is amazing a great game you learn how to use the characters and win the game easily

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